Saturday, 29 November 2008

A walk in the park.

As some of you may know, Catherine is really into babywearing, this basically means that whenever we go out she carries Emma either in a wrap or shoulder sling or in a baby carrier on her back, this is a rather brilliant ideas as Emma loves the closeness of being next to her mummy all the time, and when we go out it is much easier and more convenient than lugging a push chair around everywhere. Anyway Catherine is also involved in several communities of other Mums and Dads who do the same thing and in particular helps to organise Oxford Sling Meet. A couple of weeks ago it was national baby wearing week so we went on on organised walk around Oxford, through a lovely park and past some of the really nice colleges and then to a church hall where we had tea and cake and the kids had a chance to run around like maniacs, despite the dampness of the weather it was a really lovely day, it even made the local paper and there was a short story on the ITV local news about it as well. I have put some pics up of the day here: and when I get a moment I will also upload the video of what was on the TV as it has a gorgeous shot of Emma waving at the TV cameras.
By the way for those wondering I do occasionally carry Emma as well but only on my back and I need Catherine's assistance to get her up there and back down.

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