Thursday, 20 November 2008

A normal day in paradise

So now to the art of blog posting, do you need to post something new refreshing and interesting every day or just a chronicle of your life, well I guess it's much easier to do the latter than the former but not so interesting for you dear readers, I'll try and do both but please if it's too boring give me a nudge, push or kick.
The day started with tiredness, I had a bad nights sleep, I don't know why it was just one of those nights, but that coupled with a cold morning and a warm bed/wife made it pretty difficult to get up :) Emma was pretty quiet first thing but soon livened up when i gave her some "crispies" Emma and I usually enjoy starting breakfast together while Catherine showers then she joins us halfway through, it's our morning routine and works really well, off to work then where my ongoing project work has been interrupted by a flood of Solaris related tickets which mostly involve building new packages, Solaris is a pretty cool OS in a lot of ways but it is probably my area of least expertise and I find it's user unfriendliness really frustrating, so there was a fair bit of swearing at my monitor today. Anyway I got a fair amount of it done in the end but have an issue which I have raised in a support forum so hopefully I'll have an answer on that tommorow when the US have had time to read it, this really is one of the best parts of having a worldwide Internet the colloboration and support oppurtunities that it opens up are endless (see the book wikinomics how mass collaboration changes everything) Anyway I seem to be drifting off into geekdom, (sorry) I'm finishing off this post while Emma is about to go to bed, in the last few weeks she has started consistently happilly going to bed in the evening while still awake without any mis-behaving or crying and I'm really proud of her for it.
So tonight a relaxing night in front of the TV beckons I think, Sundays Top Gear and the new series of Lead Balloon being the highlights.

Favourite Emma things at the moment

beep beep
The Emma language she is developing and inane chatter, (apparently sar sar=finished)

Least favourite Emma things at the moment
Sofa climbing with no fear

Currently reading: Traders, Guns and Money by Satyajit Das
Currently listening to: Pigeon Detectives

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