Tuesday, 25 November 2008

London (Again)

So I went to London again today but this time for work. Won't bore you with the technical details but basically I was powerpointed for the morning, that was after paying 47 (yes 47) quid to stand on a train all the way to London. On the way home there was tube chaos as tfl had suspended the circle, district and hammersmith and city lines, which leaves just the one (bakerloo) going into Paddington, it's times like these you realise what a pure work of genius the London Underground map is (try working out that kind of detour on the tokyo one). Anyway got home eventually albeit 2 hours later than I thought I would.

Emma still has a cold but is looking a little better. Her words are coming on nicely. In the bath tonight, Me: "Time for a wash Emma??" Emma: Mmm a zash?

Mmmm time for a beer or two I think.

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