Friday, 21 November 2008


Bad nights sleep again, was all going fine but then the Central heating came on about 2am. The boiler in our house is located in a cupboard in our bedroom (how nonsensical is that?), so we need to make sure the heating is turned off at night time, I forgot therefore it's my own fault :)
Fixed a problem I was having with compiling some software yesterday (thanks to a developer) so that made me very happy indeed :)
Work is full of political wranglings at the moment:

So it's kind of a strange place to be. That said I still love working here, not quite as much as RIPE but a close second and sooooo much more than Merrill Lynch.

I love Fridays, I get to spend the weekend with my two favourite people, relax and best of all today I get to finish work at 4pm, hey I love work but I'd still rather be at home.

I don't think we have any specific plans for the weekend, but rest assured I'll keep the blog updated on our movements.

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