Monday, 9 February 2009

Stealing Pete's bags thunder

So apparently my mate Pete lost his bag on the way back from Libya at the weekend, so there seems to be some opinion that I may be stealing it's thunder. Well worry ye not our bags are back and were never officially lost so I still maintain my record of never having lost a bag or missed a flight and so Pete's bag is welcome to all the thunder it would like.
So when we left Heathrow on Tuesday BA told us we should get our bags in a few days, although after previous horror stories of bags being lost and being sent to Milan for sorting I fully expected this to take multiple weeks so on Wednesday we had already set about the task of trying to remember the really important things that were in the bag and that we needed to buy again as they wouldn't wait until the return, I bought a few bits and pieces (razor, shaving foam etc) and we intended to go out and buy some essentials on Thursday/Friday. On Thursday I received a text message from BA's luggage handling agents with a tracking number and notification that our luggage should be delievered before 21:00 that day, I hadn't heard the text arrive and only noticed it when I went to bed at 23:00 though so by that time they were already two hours late. I decided that I'd just call them next morning and see what the hell was going on and off I went to sleep. At 00.15 (Yes that's quarter past midnight readers) we were awoken by my mobile phone ringing, the person on the end seemed to be unable to hear me and I think I had to answer it 3 times before we atcually got any dialogue going, It was the BA luggage guy delivering in the middle of the freakin night. So I went downstairs and opened the front door and stood shivering in the bloody awful freezing cold and the guy had the cheek to shout from his van, "can you come out and confirm which are your bags mate", "No I bloody well can't I was asleep in bed and you have just woken me up", so after a few minutes of standing in the cold he eventually strolls up the garden path and starts trying to have a conversation with me at the top of his voice, I had to atcually ask him to be quiet after reminding him it was after midnight and that most people were in bed.
Of course we were extremely grateful to get our bags (and all their contents) back so quickly but frankly I was completly thrown by this sheer lack of concern for the customer.

It might be awhile before we leave the country again.

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Libitina said...

I am only gutted because i had to admit my bag is a big pink holdall.