Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Finally Over

So Emma's birthday is finally over for this year, it seemed to go on for aabout a week but atcually was a few days, I was a little disapointed that we didn't get to go to the Zoo on her atcual birthday but the weather was so bad it just wasn't possible, we'll save that one up for another day when we are a little closer to summer. We finished off Emmas big weekend by going to visit Caths Mum on Sunday wasn't sure until the last minute whether it was a good idea to drive to Horsham or not, it turned out ok though, we kind of saw all weather in the trip but nothing that was hard to handle, the most exciting moment was when what I can only describe as a small rock was thrown up from a Car's wheels on the M25 and hit slap bang in the middle of my side of the windscreen, It didn't smash and in fact hasn't even chipped the screen but I'm amazed it didn't because it was very large and made a horrendous noise when it hit, no harm done in the end but gave us a bit of a shock. We had a lovely lunch in Horsham with Rita, Sam, Sarah, Anna and Lee, opened some more presents and then played around for a bit. A very nice day made all the more pleasant I think because we were so relieved to be out of the house.
Work chugs along like work does at the moment, I seem to have more and more projects piling up but the good thing is they are all things that I am interested in doing, currently I seem to be getting less of the parts of the job I don't like (famous last words) I was supposed to be going to Bristol for UKNOF this week but can't make it due to other commitments, never mind the next one is in Sheffield in a couple of months time so hopefully I can make a trip north for that.

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