Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Well they say that travel broadens the horizons and I won't argue with that. I am just at this very moment filling in my first ever passport renewal, yes I have only had one for ten years which considering how much I have used it feels kind of strange. I was a very different person ten years ago when this first passport was issued (I applied because Catherine and I were going on our first ever holiday abroad together, we went to Nice in France for a long weekend) .
I am pleased to say that even though I'm a bit fatter and wrinklier I'm much happier with the passport photos I took today than the one I have been living with for the last 10 years (maybe I won't be saying that in five years time). It's reflections like this that make me incredibly excited for the next ten years and what it has to offer, if it's half as exciting as the last ten then it will be incredible. So it's a short post but one with me in a very happy state of mind. I'll leave with for posteritys sake a list of the stamps in the departing passport.

New York: April 23 2004
Amsterdam: April 27 2000
Chicago: July 23 2007
Vancouver: November 5th 2005
Malta: June 22 2003
Tokyo: February 23 2006
Seattle: November 11th 2006
Hong Kong: March 6th 2006
Melbourne: February 24th 2006
Dallas: March 18th 2006
New York: June 3rd 2008
Bangkok: August 27th 2002
Sydney: March 6th 2006
Register Amsterdam: February 7th 2001
Dutch Immigration: January 5th 2001

Top wishes for destinations in the new passport.

South America
San Francisco

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