Thursday, 18 December 2008

Full Flow

So Christmas preperations are in full flow, presents seem to be arriving on a daily basis (mostly for Emma) I got a surprise xmas bonus which was nice (and is already spent).
Today was secret santa day at work and I got a drumkit in a box, basically its a book, dvd, pair of drumsticks and a rubber pad to practice on, this is atcually really cool as I've wanted to learn to play the drums for years and this is a way to start off without being too noisy. Anyway I seem to of got over the flu now (although I did think I'd caught something again for a few hours yesterday) so hopefully I will be able to post a bit more in the coming days, I'm oncall until Tuesday though which means my sleeping patterns can sometimes be a little erratic. Missed three gigs this week which I would of really liked to of gone too, Levellers in Oxford, NMA in London and The Damned in Oxford, these kind of weeks always seem to fall when I'm oncall. Well thats all for now, next maybe a post with more of a point and some coherence.

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