Sunday, 12 April 2009

Why do you do your job?

I am very lucky because for nearly 15 years now I have been in employment that didn't really feel like work, what I mean by that is that my interest/hobby and work have merged into the same thing. Don't get me wrong I (as everyone does) have those days when I hate the job I do, I have those mundane tasks that are just a pain, and let's say I won the lottery (with slightly more than the ten pounds I achieved this week) then I certainly wouldn't continue working, though I would probably maintain an interest in the things that I currently do. However all that said, a fair percentage of the time my work doesn't feel like work :)
This kind of came about by accident I didn't originally work with computers, it (luckily) just worked out that way in the mid 90's when a position came up in IT in the non IT company I was working in they took a chance on me. It was around 1995 that my interest in The Internet really took off but it took until 2000 before I managed to get a job in an ISP, since then I have worked in two isp's a Regional Internet Registry and currently at Nominet the .uk registry. The thing that really drives me is that to me the Internet seems to be the most important worldwide development that will happen in my lifetime it has the potential to touch and change billions of people's lives so being able to be involved both from a technical and policy/governance angle is very very interesting. I hope that makes sense to some of you.
What do you do for a living and why do you do it?

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