Sunday, 12 April 2009


So blog posts have been a little sparse over the past few weeks. The reason behind this is that I have been studying for an exam, I took this on Wednesday and passed (with a score of 75%) and hence am now a VCP (VMWare Certified Proffesional) This required a week long intense training course, another weeks worth of self study and also a lot of hands on work. The exam was 75 questions and covered all aspects of the VMWare product range but with a focus on ESX 3.5 it was pretty hard and I was very relieved when I got the passed message at the end. My general view on these kind of qualifications is that they are much more valuable when you are younger and are trying to make a name for yourself in IT, as you get older and more experienced I think they are less important as experience counts for much more than qualifications (but both together is obviously even better)

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