Saturday, 14 March 2009


So the house we have now is lovely and it's a perfect size for the three of us, also has a nice large garden which Emma loves running around in (A change from a year ago when she hated it) but because we don't have an investment in it and we know it's not long term it's just not home. As I guess you know there is a recession on at the moment, you may not also know but house prices in the UK have been dropping like a stone, I think they are now down over 20% from their peak which means maybe it's time to at least start looking for a home for us to settle down in for the next few years. It's quite a difficult thing to do Cath and I both have quite strong opinions and mostly they agree but not surprisingly we think differently in certain areas, in addition to this we both want a set of things that we just can't have for the amount of money we can afford to spend.

Over the last couple of weeks we have spent a lot of time in Blewbury ( ) and thought we had found a suitable house we viewed it for the second time today but found it had oil fired central heating and no gas in the house, this was quite a blow because Oil CH is much more expensive to run and getting Gas piped in is probably going to cost a small fortune, it's a bit of a downer but we will just have to work through the options, I guess we'll get there in the end and we will end up with a lovely house for the three of us but this stage is very hard.

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