Friday, 23 January 2009

Again Again

Hey the weekends here again, sometimes the weeks go so quickly and sometimes so slow, this one seemed to fly by but then maybe that was because I was out of the office for a day and a half. Tuesday afternoon I drove up to Manchester for a seminar on ZFS at Sun Microsystems, maybe a seperate post about this so as to not bore the non techies, suffice to say it was very interesting and taught me a thing or two. I stayed over in a hotel in Manchester for the night and so while I was there met up with Rosie and Michaela for some food and a few beers, we went to a very nice Greek restaraunt (funny thing is this is the first time I've been to one apart from in Greece itself) and had a top meal and then for a couple of drinks afterwards. Altogether a very nice trip. I also managed to achieve a few other important steps in some projects at work this week, complete the LDOM evaluation, close a couple of very long running tickets and write my first ever powershell script (well cobble something together from somebody elses scripts really but you know what I mean)

In support of one of my new years resolutions of getting back into music again, this week I bought my first copy of NME for about 10 years and am really enjoying it (this may become a regular thing). I've also downloaded some new albums this week, nothing too groundbreaking or exciting though (Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen) but more to follow. Oh also discovered a web music service called grooveshark ( this lets you search for music and stream it in very good quality across the net all from a very nice Web 2.0 flash interface, give it a try I think you'll be impressed. If anybody has any reccomendations of new music for me to listen to then leave a comment, and I'll take a listen and let you know what I think.

Right time for a beer I think. Enjoy the weekend everybody

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Ian C said...

Hi mate

new music.....

I'd reccomend White Lies, Glasvegas are good, Imelda May (female vocals -slightly 50's rockabilly- PJ Harvey meets Patsy Kline maybe?).
Things I'm currently listening to-

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Butthole Surfers, New Order (substance), and Elbows seldom seen kid- if you haven't got it get it its lovely.